• Explore the Greek traditions and culture, enjoy the hospitality

    Our event can actively engage all 5 of your senses, enhancing the experience of traveling through Greek culture and history.

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SG4u Sensational Greece for you
  • Enjoy Greece

    The finest traditional tastes, the most rythmic and euphonious melodies, redolent scents, unique traditional products, dance and a travel through history and traditional customs are some of the core features of our experiential and interactive events.

  • More than sightseeing, more than just traveling...

    Explore Greece through uniquely designed thematic events which will actively engage all your senses.

    You will be flooded with traditional sounds, images, smells and flavors from all over Greece.

    Within a three-hour duration, in a neoclassical house of superb architectural beauty under the shade of the Acropolis, you will have a life changing opportunity, experience Greek traditional customs, taste excellent delicacies, enjoy home-grown drinks and dance listening to traditional music.

    Live the most hospitable journey. Live the magic of Greece, listen to the heartbeat of lady Greece!

SG4u Sensational Greece for you
  • About Us

    Sensational Greece for you (SG4u) is an activity conceived by a group of creative and hospitable partners that are active in the production and organization of thematic events and workshops and promote the Greek tradition to visitors, clubs, groups and businesses. We love sharing pieces of the abundant Greek culture and the unique traditional products that Greece has to offer. We are always welcoming new members so grab a seat and join us.

  • Our Goal

    Our goal is to satisfy the five senses of our visitors through Greek traditional hospitality, local gastronomic delicacies, pure Greek wine, live folklore music, dances, short acts of Ancient Greek Drama as well as mystic revival of local, centuries old, customs which are blended together to fulfill this goal.

    Our guests will enjoy a ‘be like home’ experience.

  • Music & Songs

    Our promise is an ultimate musical trip.
    Our professional band, the santur, the violin, the lute, the clarinet along with the melodic voices of our singers create a unique atmosphere. Listening to rare Greek traditional songs and ‘Rebetiko’ music (*) about love, joy, marriage, birth and plenty of social occasions coming from the distant past Greek life to the present will offer you an unforgettable experience and the knowledge that along with our love and respect will accompany you forever.

    *Rebetiko: Inscribed in 2017 on the Representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  • Dances

    Our guests will admire our professional dancers and together they will travel to every tiny village, following their dancing steps. You will become part of it and delve into the Greek customs. You will feel your heartbeat following the tempo along with your body and you will embrace the traditional Greek joy.

    "Let the dances begin..."

  • Rebetiko

    Greek Rebetiko was inscribed on the UNESCO representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

    We offer a performance full of a century-old Greek Rebetiko music. Our band, playing the bouzouki, the guitar and the baglamas introduce to our visitors the secrets of Rebetiko music.

    A trip to Constantinople’s and Smyrna’s neighborhoods. A walk in Piraeus’ and Old Athens’ alleys through Markos Vamvakaris and Vasilis Tsitsanis’ inspiration– famous rebetes of their era. All-time great songs about love, life, joy, sorrow, labor make our visitors sense the heartbeat of this era where Rebetiko song was flourishing.

    “Zebekiko” and “Chasapiko” dances are demonstrated as a unique experience for our guests.

  • Food & Drink

    The traditional Greek cuisine along with the endless recipes that have passed from generation to generation and the fresh ingredients from the fertile Greek land promise the most tasteful enjoyment.

    In every SG4U gathering traditional Greek ‘family’ meals are enriched with beautiful aromas of pure Greek wines and home-grown liquors are served. The traditional home-made treats will be the finishing touch of this absolutely unique, ambrosial experience

SG4u Sensational Greece for you
  • Customs' Reenactment

    Originated in Ancient Greece, Greek customs make their presence noticeable in the lives of Greeks not only in the past but also in the present. As a strong art of cultural identity Greek customs and tradition attract the curiosity and the admiration of our guests. The reenactment of such customs through short plays and presentations by our team promise to offer a unique experience traveling through time. Sense fully the customs and the place of their origins and learn tiny secrets of the Greek traditions in an unforgetable traveling experience.

  • Ancient Greek Drama

    Short acts derived from ancient Greek plays are presented to our guests in Greek and English subtitles.

    Our guests through these short plays live the experience of the ancient Greek speech because of the experiential character of these acts. The visitors become participants while our actors dressed in ancient tragedy costumes enter the place reciting lyrics/extracts from famous ancient Greek plays such as Sophocles’ “Antigone”, Euripides’ “Helen” and so on.

    Our visitors familiarize themselves with the ancient Greek speech by reciting phrases in Ancient Greek instructed by our actors. An incredible and unforgettable experience embrace our guests.

  • Thematic sections (in short duration acts)

    1. Greek Traditional music, Customs Reenactment and dances
    2. Rebetiko song and its history accompanied by bouzouki, baglamas and dances
    3. Ancient Greek Drama. Tragedy and acquaintance with Ancient Greece
    4. Acquaintance with Ancient Greek Myths and Gods through Ancient Greek Drama (comedy – parody)

    Delicious homemade treats and selected flavors of local drinks enhance this perfect “be like home” experience .

    Our guests leave the place taking with them lots of experiences, memories and the well-known Greek “Filema”; a homemade almond sweet, made of pure organic almond and lots of history behind it.

    Our goal is to make our guests live an unforgettable experience and talk about it for a long time after their departure from our country.

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SG4u Sensational Greece for you

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